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Thread: Home made parting tool

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    Home made parting tool

    Right now this is the only one I have in the shop. This is the first one I made. It is much smaller that the ones I now make. It is 6" long with the blade and handle being an equal 3". The blade is 1" wide. I like using this one because it gives me lots of control. The blade is a worn out industrial hack saw blade. They hold an edge very well. The handle is glued on with Gorilla glue and finished with Waterlox.
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    Great looking tool Terry. Looks like it will do the job.
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    Looks good, Terry. I hadn't thought of using a short one like that before.

    I've got a couple hunting knives my granddad made from old power hacksaw blades. It's good steel.
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    Thanks Terry....I think I will be trying that very soon.
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    I just purchased a Crown parting tool a while back. I love using it and would like to have more of them to make different angles on the blade. Where do you get "industrial" hack saw blades? I'd really like to make some.

    On a video I watched the International Assoc. of pen turners website, Ed Davidson shows putting a notch in the point of his parting tool. Kind of like a saw tooth. Swears by it cutting better and staying sharp longer, and Ed is one of the best. I tried it on my new parting tool, must not have it right because I don't see any difference. Got to twick it, I guess.

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    I live in a small farming town and there is a "blacksmith shop" here that does a lot of repair and fabrication. I get the used blades from them. If you can't find used blades you can get them from ENCO. An 18" blade will make 2 parting tools.

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