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    woodworking fashion

    I think it is great how the various tool companies have made tools of various and sundry colors so that our non-woodworking friends know when to buy what kind of tools.

    For instance, it is now Spring, so the nice, bright Ryobi lithium ino ONE+ 18 V cordless tools will go great. Then, in the summer, we have the shining white Jet line. For autumn, there is the mustard Powermatic line that matches well with the turning leaves. Finally, in winter, the dark greens of Harbor Freight and Grizzly fit right in with the dark skies. There is even an all-season choice - with it's neutral grey, a Delta tool makes the perfect gift anytime of year!

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    I think its all name Reconition. You just associate Gray with Delta, Blue with Makita and so forth. In someways I can't blame them.

    I can't remember what two router bit companies it was, but two companies got into a lengthy and expensive legal battle over the color of their router bits. They both claimed it was proprietary because of the anti-friction properties, but in reality it was all about having the color and name recognition.

    I see this silliness all the time on my sled. I will be up to the Black Frog eating lunch and see these guys come in all decked out in matching snowmobile gear. Of course when the sledmakers colors change, they have to change all their gear, but hey its more money for Ski Doo, Yamie, Arctic Cat and Polaris.

    To a lesser extent you see that in some woodworking shops,where a person as all green tools, or all gray tools of the same brand. I consider my shop a cornucopia of colors
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