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Thread: What do you do with all the stuff

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    What do you do with all the stuff

    Ok so I am sure that there are not too many hear that have 50 thousand square feet of shop space.
    What do you do with the stuff that you are making? I have 9 trunks in production, 2 trunks waiting to be refinished 1 trunk that I just don't know what to do with it. 3 hanging displays for the LOML and a glass rack for the LOML all sitting in my shop. Then there is the stock for the trunks, the stock for the cabinets, and the pile of burls, or the pile of cool sticks. There is just not enough room. The more I make the more room I seam to lose.
    So I ask again what do you do with all the stuff you make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Thoits View Post
    ...So I ask again what do you do with all the stuff you make.
    Try to sell it? (Says the guy with a number of boxes full of turned items in the living room, waiting for next weekend's show.)

    Your situation is a good example of why I tend to only make smaller furniture, 'cause I can't fit it.
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    Well, In my case, don't let the wife know about it. It's almost impossible for her to part with anything I make. We've got the house going on the market and have had to have the discussion of "what if" some one wants her to part with some of "her" stuff. I've in the boat of it they want to pay a premium price (a.k.a. new tools) I can make more, but she's not convinced.

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    simple solution

    either make more kids to give it to, or make more friends to give it to,,either way it solves your crisis and you gain in the process two fold.
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    there's the wife....the 3 kids.....and of course, the burn pile....

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    No, not all of SoCal is Los Angeles!
    Almost everything I make is for someone or some occasion (where I visit and it won't come back with me). I am actually working on something for my bedroom set which is an oddity .

    Large pieces are built for a purpose and therefor leave on their own. I'm a fan of proto-types when trying new joinery or new "looks". My problem with those is getting them dismantled or into the stove before someone makes off with them . I still have to look at a proto-type of a wall mounted jewelry cabinet, painted white and doing duty as an over-the-john cabinet at LOML's house .
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    I use my garage as a work area.
    I have a shed in my small backyard, as well as a doghouse sized shed for just my snowblower, because anything in my garage takes away from work space.

    My backyard looks like an outdoor furniture center, but I cant let go of things I built for myself.
    I build alot for friends, and I always insist they take it as soon as its dry, or finished, because of the lack of space. Ive stretched the walls as far as they will go, and there is no more ceiling space, Ive suspended shelves, bikes, and anything else I could fit up there.
    If I had another garage, Im sure it would be filled up with another bunch of chairs or tables, or whatever.
    I enjoy making things for people.
    Sometimes I enjoy it just for myself.
    Ive learned something about woodworking, dont know if I said it on this board.
    There is nothing like the feeling one gets when he gives someone a gift of something he/she has made in his workshop, and the person receiving the gift is super impressed
    There is nothing better than building something and impressing yourself.

    I hope you figure out your space program, otherwise there might be alot of trunks laying around your kitchen soon, and IM sure the lady of the house might not be too thrilled about that.(Ive had to store a vanity and coffee table in my den for a couple of weeks at the same time.)
    If you have the space, a nice 10x10 shed with a strong floor would make a nice storage area.

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    I don't have a small space by any means. But it took me so many years to get it that I simple don't let things clutter up. I get rid of them once they are done. And I don't start to many things at once. I just refuse to let my long awaited space be cluttered up and it works.
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    I stack them up in the corner. Right now I have a bed in progress and to peices of furrniture in some type of progress of being refinished. Well better make that four thing in the prosses of being finished. I have been spending as much time as I can get trying to get the new space set up and therefore neglecting my main duties.

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