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Thread: general Neander Meanderings

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    general Neander Meanderings

    OK guys & Gals,
    Since I hope to have my roof on soon (leave it at that, Mark & Larry), I'm starting to work out my tool wish list. I've got a few planes so far: One #7, one #4, one #5 and two block planes. Plus a couple of spokeshaves, and two good sized handsaws, one rip, one crosscut.

    I'd like to pick up a decent set of chisels, any recommendations for not too much money? It is almost rust hunting season, and one of the larger flea markets in the area opens up in a few weeks. I'm planning on going shopping there later this summer, but would like a basic set to add to, instead of relying on finding some users at Bouckville.

    What other basic hand tools would you recommend for general shop usage? I'm far from giving up my tailed tools, so think average user, not pure neanderthal.

    Brands I should aim for, avoid etc...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ned Bulken View Post
    I'd like to pick up a decent set of chisels, any recommendations for not too much money?
    Find singles and just build a mismatched set out of bargin buys. Thats what I have done. Most of mine are Stanley 740's or 750's (I think). One Buck... maybe? Couple with no names on them. Bought a couple without handles cheap and just turned my own handles. Probably don't have $25 in my set. I htink I have 1/8" to 1 1/2"? Maybe be missing one but I haven't missed it yet.
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    Ned, I picked these up from Hartville a couple years ago and they seem to be pretty good chisels. They hold an edge well and are comfortable in my hand. They are on sale again. I manage to use all of the sizes.

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    Hi Ned

    I chose the same route as Jeff in the picture you see 2 5/8" 2 1" 2 3/8" 1 1/4" 1 3/4" 1 1 1/4" 1 1 1/2" all of them for less than $10. Unless you are looking for a matching set it really doesn't matter. I don't remember if you have a lathe if you do you can make them look li a matching set.

    Here are 2 that I made handles for.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Chisels.jpg   Chisel A.jpg   Chisel B.jpg  
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    Ned, I have 2 sets of Marples. One set I've had 6 or 7 yrs. Pd 19.95 for them at Lowe's. I have a 2nd set I just got off ebay for 17.00 + sh. About 26.00 total. They are are Marples w/Irwin on the handle. These have all been good chisels, hold edge well and stand up to the mallet.

    Have a couple of Robert Sorby mortise chisels, a couple of Japanese lamanations and some used flea market ones too.

    I like 'em mixed, some new some used...2 cents worth...


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    I, too, picked up some variety recently at an estate sale. I bought 10 chisels for about $8. All were good old steel and have sharpened up wonderfully. All were socket chisels and I'll make handles for those that were missing. Amazing what you can find.
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    I do indeed have a lathe, and as much as those imports from hartville look terrific, I think I'll aim at a mix of new and old. I will probably swing through the Borg and check out a basic set, but once the season starts, I'll go rust hunting. I do have a lathe now, and handles ought to be within even my meagre turning abilities.

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    I just picked up mixed lots of chisels on ebay, fixed up the good ones and keep the others for their steel.

    As to other tools yo might find useful in a mixed shop, a router plane would be handy, especially if you don't have one of those expensive super clean cutting dado stacks. Makes real quick work of those pesky tooth marks in the floors of dados.

    One of my favorites is a side cutting rabbet plane. With the inconsistent thickness of ply and even for the odd time with solid wood, I cut dados and grooves a little shy of the piece to be housed, then use the side cutting rabbet to make a perfect fit. Much quicker than futzing with a stack dado to get it just right.

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    I like the piecemeal approach to getting a set of chisels together. I like the socket chisels best - Stanley, Witherby, Swan, Buck, and Berg are the ones i keep my eye's peeled for. With the chisels, you'll want a mallot that won't mangle your chisel handles.

    I'd also look for some marking/measuring tools - a good marking knife (i like the double bevel kind like the Veritas), a marking gage for joinery, a good 6" square, and a pair of good steel rulers - one 6" and a 12 or 24 inch model.

    I also like a good small "egg beater" drill like the Millers Falls #2. For larger holes, you'll probably want a good brace with a set of auger bits. Braces are fairly common, but my favorite is the North Brothers model - it's got the best chuck i've seen.

    To use all these tools to their best advantage, you'll want a good woodworking bench with at least one good woodworking vise on it. The quick release vises are really nice, but a leg vise would also be nice. With the bench, you'll want some good bench dogs and hold fasts. I like round holes in my bench top instead of the square ones. Dogs can be made from hardwood dowels, or you can buy them from just about any woodworking store or catalogue. I like my Grammercy hold fasts - they're made from steel rod not cast iron, so they don't have that "vintage" look, but they work quite well and don't cost a month's rent.

    You'll also probably want a good back saw at some point. I've got a 12" Disston that i've been playing with, and i really like my Japanese Dozuki saw. For the western style saws, sharpening goes much easier with a saw vise. They clamp to the bench and hold the blade while you work on it.

    Did i mention clamps? You'll need them, but i'd start off buying what you might need for the task at hand and acquire more as you go.

    Additional plane purchases will probably depend on what types of projects you do and your prefered methods. I find that a medium shoulder plane works great for mortise and tenon joinery. I've got a #78 rabbet / fillester plane that i use quite a bit. I also regularly use two different #4's - one set for rougher work, the other set for whisper thin shavings for the final pass before finish is applied. I also use a scrub plane and a #112 regularly enough to justify having them. A router plane may also be in my future. You'll need a good way to sharpen them if you don't already. The scary sharp method works well with little cash out of pocket. I like my combination water stone with a sharpening guide.

    Have i spent enough or your money yet???

    Paul Hubbman

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