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Thread: Three Major Wood Gloats!!!!!

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    Three Major Wood Gloats!!!!!

    So, I'm fully in the vortex now, and apparently I've done enough good in the world to get some very good luck in the past month. My next door neighbor cut down a couple cherry trees that had been struck by lightning, but miraculously weren't damaged inside; the lightning traveled down the outside of the trunks, and didn't split the inside at all. A third tree, a 28" red oak, did not get away so easily. It was pretty splintered and split inside, but will make excellent firewood this winter. Anyway, here's what was too crooked to mill into lumber for fla*work. The pic is deceptive; there's a lot more wood there than it looks. Also, one of my microbiology classmates had to have a dying oak taken out; the giant pile of wood--close to a 2/3cord VOLUME wise--not split--probably 1 1/2 cords if split, anyway, lots of old tight grained white oak. I counted 125 rings before they got too close to count in the sapwood. The upper part of the tree had died, and the center was soft in some places, but there's a lot of good wood for bowls there. It's all sealed for now, and I'll slowly cut it all into blanks. Third, and greatest, I found on craigslist of all places. A lady in the next county had a giant maple fall on her shed, and the tree service left the largest pieces for the neighbor as firewood, who didn't want it. Well, it all ended up being curly!!!!!! There's some rot in a few pieces, but mostly its very solid, beautiful wood!!! I think the woman was surprised when I wanted it ALL!! The wood under the maple is a bunch of big poplar 8" wide cants that will be siding for my drying shed that I have no time to work on. I have a growing lumber pile....another story. Well, all in all, I made two trips in the Tacoma with a completely full (overloaded) bed for the maple, and three for the oak. I've got enough wood to last me a year or more!! Oak is pretty common around here, but 125+ year old, tight grained white oak is NOT common. I would've gotten another trip, but the sprocket tip of the chainsaw bar disintegrated when I was on the last load, and I only had one bar with me. The next door neighbor had already been there with a logsplitter between my trips, and I called it enough at that point. The rest of the pieces were all cut at 15" long or shorter, anyway.

    Everything is at the least sealed on the endgrain, and all the crotch and figured pieces are completely sealed. I've sawed up a lot into blanks since I took the pics this afternoon, but it'll take me weeks to get it all processed!!

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    Congratulations, Nathan. You must be a very happy camper right now. I do wish oak, or any other decent hardwood, was common around here. The best we have anywhere near me is birch. But at least there is plenty of poplar around here.

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    I think your set for a little while now Nice Haul
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