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Thread: OT- "The Wood Works" Forum is Down

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    OT- "The Wood Works" Forum is Down

    I just wanted to mention to any of you that go to "The Wood Works" forum ( run by Jace Weber, that the forum is down.

    I got this e-mail from Jace.............

    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Weber
    Hi all, Jace Weber here.

    There's been a pretty serious hit to the data center where the server is for The Wood Works. At this point I don't know a lot.... other than it's pretty bad. Whatever happened to our server also took out several other servers that are maintained there as well, quite frankly it's a mess right now, not just for us, but many others. Martin has his hands full right now and will have for most likely a few weeks trying to get everything operational, and you need to understand that corporate business takes precedence over our woodworking forum. Please DO NOT email Martin. If you want, you're more than welcome to email me and I WILL answer each email... my inbox is pretty full right now with the blowup, so be patient and I'll answer as I can.

    As I find out information and know for certain, I'll follow up with more emails.

    To try and guess some of your questions, I'll throw what I know out here.

    I don't know how much , if any information has been lost... maybe some, maybe all.

    I don't know if the server is or isn't trashed.

    I don't know if the hard drives are or are not trashed.

    Martin had everything set up redundant, what that means is there was a backup.... if it didn't get hit also.

    My Daughter has said that it's "very very bad".

    The Wood Works will be back. Positively, 100 percent. It will take some time.

    And that, my friends, is about all I know that I can tell you.

    This email is going out to about 50 members that I have in my address book... I need you all to do me a favor and forward this email to any members of The Wood Works that you have in your own address books. I really appreciate you doing that for me.

    Thanks so much for being understanding, and I apologize for any inconvenience to you all.

    Jace Weber
    Admin. The Wood Works
    Hope to see The Wood Works back in action soon, great forum, great group of people.

    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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    Stu, I don't post much there at all, but I enjoy the site very much. Jace's blog, Sawdust and Cowpies is very funny too!

    Hope they get it back up very quick!
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