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Thread: Spalted Maple bud vase

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    Spalted Maple bud vase

    I'm almost embarrased to show my work here...

    This is a little bud vase I've messed with 'til I decided I wasn't going to improve it anyway... the shape came out like it has a fat bum... the wood is a piece from a tree that fell in back yard and I've stacked up for future turnings... the spalting is natural and the wood can get a little punky. I cheated slightly on the hollowing... used a forstner and drill a 1" hole to take a glass tube so the vase can be used with water if desiered. Finish is a wipe on poly.. about 6 or 7 coats.
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    Tellico Plains, TN
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    Chuck - that sure is some beautiful wood! Really nice job on the finish also! Nothing wrong with the form - when it comes to turnings - unique is desirable! Nice work! Looking forward to seeing more!

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    Chuck, never be afraid to show your stuff here, some of the best things I've learned are from interaction with all the other great turners here.

    Nice chuck of wood, got anymore............ well get at it and show us the next incarnation!
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    Gorgeous piece of wood, Chuck. While I won't claim that I'm crazy about the form it does tend to give ideas of how to incorporate that design into other things.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Chuck that is some great wood and a great piece. Well done.
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