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Thread: How to make a hole in a block wall

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    How to make a hole in a block wall

    I am nearing the end of my long shop move and looking for ideas on how to make the hole in the wall to go thru a block(cinder) then go thru the waincoting(sp?). The hole in the wood is fairly easy, I just make sure I am clear of any 2x in the wall. Would it be best to get a hammer drill and make a circle of holes. Then chisel out between the holes? This what makes the old building so hard to work on. The wall I have to go thru is almost 2' thick. The block is 1' thick, then each side has a 2x4" wall coverd by 3/4" wainscoting. What fun!

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    I've used a star drill and a 2# hammer and successfully drilled holes in cenent blocks. There were the hollowcore type.

    I'd think you could use a hammer drill too. If you don't own one, rent one unless you think you will have future use for it.

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    How big a hole?

    If you need/want a nice clean round hole, you can rent a diamond holesaw rig, or even phone around and ask how much someone would do it for?

    You might find a lot of guys real slow on the work front with the equipment and time on their hands who would do it, say after work, or on a weekend real cheap

    DIY way, can you get at both sides of the wall? If so, drill a single hole in the middle of the large hole you want to make, then on both sides mark out the circle you want to make your large hole, working from both sides usually much easier and you do not need to buy such long drill bits, bonus! Then with a hammer and chisel, knock the center of the hole out.

    Is this wall a bearing wall?

    If it is, you might want someone with knowledge of such things to look at the idea, you might need to add some kind of a header over the hole (depending on how big it is again....???), just trying to think of various things that could pop up.

    Good luck, darn dirty job for sure, wear hearing protection and safety glasses, if not a full shield, flying rocks hurt...

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    Sorry about that.Should have said the hole needs to be big enough to get a 6" stove pipe thru for the dust collector. The electricain that did my panel box is going to drop off his hammer drill with bit and air chisel to make the hole. This is going to be fun.

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