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Thread: HI new to wood turning

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    HI new to wood turning

    Hey every one I am new to wood turning and have been trying for about 3 weeks. Here are some of the ones that I think are best. I need some tips and suggestions from you pros out there! Don't feel like you are rude, I am from texas and a little redneck thought are welcome. I got started when I bought a lathe at a garage sell, and took it home. Made a bat with it just goofing off. Had a really good time learning. The motor burned up on me the next day so I bought me a brand new lathe and, hang on for the ride,,,,,Here we go!!!! Oh and thanks for the guys showing vids on youtube,,,,thats where I learned the captive ring trick. Everyone was impressed!!!
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    Dang, three weeks into the Vortex and you're already doing captive rings? You're ahead of me, Zack. All three are nice-looking pieces.

    Sounds like you got pulled into the Abyss hard like a lot of us. What lathe did you get?

    Oh, and welcome to the forum. Good show, starting out with pics and all.
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    Well I did go to college for metal working on lathes, but this is so much more fun. Metal don't have diffrent wood grains like wood,,,,, Anyway I bought a Central Machinery lathe from Harbor freight. It is a 12 by 36 with an indexing head. Might not be the best but it will get me started. Thanks for the compliment. I could use lots of them becouse wood is much different than metal. I hope I can stay up to you guys standards!!!

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    If that's the lathe I'm thinking of, there's been some good stuff turned on them. It's not a Robust American Beauty, but it spins wood and provides a place to hold a chisel. That's all you really need.
    When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro. - Hunter S. Thompson
    When the weird get going, they start their own forum. - Vaughn McMillan

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    Welcome Zack!

    Looks like you jumped in with both feet into the vortex

    Nice work!
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    Welcome to the Family Zack.

    Your way ahead of most after 3 weeks!
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    Wellcome Zack, I think we can learn more from you, than the way around.
    Think you are a natural talent. Great work!!

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    Thanks very much for all the compliments. I hope to learn alot from you all. Here is another bowl on a pedistool I made, and a piece that hit me in the head.
    LOL, I was turning it using a face plate. I have ordered a 4 jaw chuck and they sent me the wrong spindle adapter but hope I get the right one soon. Oh and yes they hurt when they hit you in the head!!!
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    Welcome Zack. Those are some good looking turnings. Way to jump in with both feet.
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    3 WEEKS??? You're turning captive rings after 3 weeks?

    YOU SUCK!!!!
    That's a compliment, by the way!
    Very nicely done! Welcome to The Family, Zack.

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