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Thread: New Monster Tool Gloat

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    New Monster Tool Gloat

    Iíve been wanting to add a carbide cutter to my hollowing rig ever since they came out. They are listed in the major catalogs but I have always been put off by the price.

    Monster Tool just came out with their version and is it ever sweet! Itís a dished carbide cutter on a hex shaft that allows you to use the cutter for shear cuts or rotate and use as a scraper! I just finished using the cutter for the first time and I am really happy with it!

    First photo shows the tool and also the inside of the lip of the hollow form. That area (the inside of the lip) was shear cut with the new cutter and I honestly do not have to sand Ė but if I wanted to, I could start at 320 or 400 grit!

    Second photo shows what kind of curlies you can get when shear cutting the inside! The only problem I had was not with the tool Ė the size of the opening of the form limited the reach of the 45* holder.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New Cutter.jpg 
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    If you are into hollowing Ė I highly recommend you check out Monsterís new cutter.

    Photo of the cutter on Monsterís website is here:

    It is the bottom right photo of the MHF/MAP II Combo.

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    I hadn't seen that bit yet, Steve. I've got a Hunter cutter that I use, but I like the hexagonal shape on the shaft of the Monster version. That looks like quite the ticket. I guess I need to send Randy a note.
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    Vaughn I got mine also. Randy stuck it in with the rest of my monster arm unit. Like Steve said it leaves the surface so smooth 240 or 320 will take care of the rest. Don't ya just love the angel hair curlies Steve?
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    Aww Steve, stop it! I have a big MAPII system on order that will include that cutter and I am just beginning a 3-week semester break. Got plenty to do without my new toy, but I'm still kinda anxious when I check the mail each day!

    Thanks for the great pics.


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    Boy that does look great!

    Question, is the carbide bit sharp? I know that you can get such a thing for work on the metal working lahte, but they are usually not "sharp"...... Just curious.

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    Stu - you can feel an edge just like on a scraper but it isn't sharp like on my bowl gouge! It does cut and I get very small curlies - so it must be sharp. Don't have any other carbide cutters/tools to compair it to.

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    steve, you can see it at your link as part of the system but it's at this page as a separate order for $30:

    just ordered mine....thanks for the heads up.
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    Congratulations, Steve. Hard to believe it can make you do better work but if it makes it a bit easier that would be a good thing!
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    Don't know whether the Monster carbide disk is same as Hunter and Eliminator. Unlike the regular metal cutting carbide cutters which are flat, the Hunter carbide disk is dish shape and has a lip that curls up.

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    You guys are mean! always coming up with new ideas, new tools and all that outside my budget...

    Wish I could afford the Monster tool set up, looks really sweet.
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