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Thread: Benchdog push stick

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    Thumbs up Benchdog push stick

    I really like this push stick! The offset handle is great! I picked it up a few months ago during a tour of the new Lowe's store in Brantford ( Ontario Canada). Approx $25 CDN. I applied some magnetic fridge magnet strips to the bottom of the holder to keep it sitting upright on the fence.
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    Looks like that would work well for when you have the blade guard in place. Last time I was at Lowes I noticed they had quite a few WW jigs now. I need to pickup a Kreg jig, but haven't had a project to use one on yet. I do have some cabinets to build coming up, so might get one then.

    Thanks for posting.

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    Hey, I hadn't seen that one yet. I like it! It ought to work very well with my Uniguard. Gotta get me one - and soon!
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    I have a shop-made one with the offset handle like that. I made it to work with my over arm guard/DC hood in place. Comes in quite handy.
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