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Thread: Quick Shop Project - Sanding Cart

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    Quick Shop Project - Sanding Cart

    I've been meaning to build this for a while and finally got around to it this last weekend. It is a mobile cart for my disc sander and OSS. I love the OSS but it is an awkward height so I made the cart to suit it and put the table level with the table on the Disc sander. It also give me a little more storage in a cramped garage. Seems to work well. Like I said it was a quick project using mostly scraps and some casters from woodcraft I got on sale a while back.

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    John, very cool. Looks like you can use the disk sander's table for more support on a big piece while using the OSS or vice versa...Well Done
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    Now, that is a really good idea! Nicely done, looks very functional and great looking to boot!
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    Looks very nice.

    Regarding the casters... I notice a double-locking caster peeking out of the back of one of the pictures. What I have started doing is putting plain casters on the back of a bench. I only put the double-locking casters on the front. It's cheaper, and I can't reach the back ones anyways. Usually I find that I only lock one wheel and it stays still enough.

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    That looks like it should work out great. I love having drawers near a tool for all the stuff that seems to gather for working with them.
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    OK John, come clean...I can tell you didn't make the cabinet. The price tag is still in one of the drawers.

    Just kidding of course. That's a sweet setup, and well though out. Plus, I'm envious of bother sanders. Great job.
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    Well John.

    I do not know what I like most, either the sanders or the cart. Both things appeal a lot to me, so don't make me choose. I think that they go very well together.

    Another idea to put in my "to do/to buy" list.

    Great job!
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    Nicely done John!

    I too like the way your setup has one table helping the other.


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    Looks really good. I need to make some.

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    Very nice job John. Will have to consider building one myself when I get a new shop, no room right now.


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