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Thread: Good Afternoon FW

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    Good Afternoon FW

    I stopped to say hello. Most people call me Bob. I live in Northern Michigan where the snow is deep and the beer is cold. I am married to my LOML, Michelle. I keep busy helping her with her horses and woodworking, some days not in that order. I have a shop dog name Charm who loves to chase tennis balls and shop cat name Lucy who owns me.

    It looks like this site has some pretty good craftsmen. In order to get better at woodworking it is best to hang around successful & creative people. I can see this here at this site. You probably will not see a lot of posts from me because I am a person who likes to keep his mouth shut and ears open. Thanks for the invitation.
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    Welcome Bob.

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    Welcome Bob! I have found out the best way to learn from sites like this is to share your knowledge.

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    Helloooooooooooooo Robert!
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    Hi Bob, great to see another Michigander. Glad you found us and I'm looking forward to your posts.
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    Welcome to the forum, please post, I always learn something from every thread, especially when someone asks a question.

    And we've got some people here with lots of experience and very generous natures who are willing to pitch in and help out


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    Hi Robert,

    Welcome to the forum.

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