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Thread: Howdy Ya'll

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    Howdy Ya'll

    I am new here and generally a lurker. I am a member or contributer on several forums but tend not to post very many comments or start a ton of threads. My wood working has generally been architectural in nature for the last 10 years being I own two 90 to 100+ year old houses in a historic district. At the pace I work I will probably be working on them for at least 10 more years. However from time to time I do get to build some tool furniture and furniture for the houses. I tend to lean towards the Arts and Crafts style because the homes I live in are Bungalows of which one is from a Stickley plan out of the American Craftsman. I am Kind of like my old man a jack of all trades and a master of none. So I hope y'all don't mind if I lean on you a little when I need advice. And I will try to contribute when I think I have any valuable information.

    Reading these forums I find Family Woodworking to be a friendly forum without the anarchy that is present at some. Which is one of the reasons I am hear.

    It is great being here and thanks for the opportunity to participate.


    Alan Trout

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    Welcome to the family Alan! Would love to see some pics of your work. I tend to do a lot of Arts and Crafts too, some with a modern twist, but the influences are there. Glad you came out of the shadows.

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    Welcome to the Family Alan. As Darren said we like pictures if you have them.
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    Welcome Alan!
    I share your love of A&C furniture and envy your ability to live in a bungalow! ESPECIALLY a Stickley bungalow.
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    Welcome to the Family Alan!
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    Being a self employed Professional Inspector I always ask my clients that are buying old houses if they really understand what they are getting themselves into. I tell them that it is a lifestyle as much as a house. They are not practical, comfortable, or really built all that well as far as engineering goes but there is a cool factor that makes it worth it for some people. Not everyone is cut-out for the lifestyle. I think to many people get caught up in the glamor of "This Old House" and think it is just a few weekends out of their life to fix-up a old house. It typically turns into years along with untold thousands of dollars which most are not prepared for.

    However the one thing I can say about old houses is that they make it easy justification for new tools.

    I am getting ready to start building 15 interior doors for my most recent bungalow. None of the doors in the house match so I am building all matching frame and panel doors. As I progress I will post some pics.

    Thanks for the welcome.


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    Alan, wellcome to the family.


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    Hi Alan!

    Welcome to the Family


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    hi alan!
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    Hi, Alan, Welcome aboard. Will look forward to your projects.

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