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Thread: Curved tool rests

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    Curved tool rests

    Any thoughts on curved tool rests

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    I use them all the time on bowls and hollow forms. Just makes it easier and you can get it closer to the piece you are turning which in turn gives you more stable tool control. I have the Oneway internal and external curved rests and love them. I had my local welder make me two for my Rikon midi for $12 each.
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    I just got the Oneway internal and external tool rests, special delivery to Japan yet

    I've been laid up with a bum leg, so I've not tried them out, but they look very well built, which is to be expected from Oneway.

    << Linky pics

    I've been struggling with straight rests, especially on the inside of some of my bowls, I'm sure there are lots of guys out there that can make that final cut on the inside smooth as silk, but I'm not there yet, with the straight rest. Getting the really consistent cut is something that takes a lot of practice, everything has to move in concert, with a straight rest, you also have to adjust for the changing difference in the distance from the tip of the tool cutting the wood to the support on the tool rest, it changes as you move down the rest on the straight tool rest, on a curved rest, you have much less of a change as you move down the rest, this eliminates one more variable from the equation, making is easier to get a nice consistent cut. Or at least that is my take on it.

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    I've got a set of three adjustable curved rests (the second item on this page). The curves are useful, especially for final light scraper cleanup work. (If I'm roughing out a bowl, I'll use the straight cast iron rest that came with my lathe.) I do notice a bit of vibration in the adjustable ones if I try to extend the rest too far or work too close to the cantilevered end. The vibration is from the bar flexing, not the adjustable joint. I think any similar round bar that long - straight or curved - is going to have some flex. (I guess it forces me to keep the cuts light, as they should be at that point.) I think the rectangular bar on the Oneway is a better idea, and although the radius isn't changeable, there's more usable space on the rest itself since there's no adjusting part in the middle.

    I've also got the cast iron curved bowl rest from Powermatic, but so far I've not found many things it made easier. It just hasn't been comfortable for me to use. The curves don't seem to fit any of the shapes I've made.
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    Because of poor quality control issues I rarely suggest Delta but their curved tool rest (bought at least 6 years ago) has served me well. I am able to move it so I can always be close to the work. I have several other curved rests but usually go for the Delta.

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