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    Remote assistance

    I had a interesting experience tonight. My Dad called me & wanted to try out computer remote assistance so we did & I was able to help him out & show him how to do a few things & set him up with a picture editing program & type out instructions on how to use it.
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    Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit of the computer guy...."MOOOOVVVE!!!!". Actually I've used it a few times with my uncle (who is 85), has saved me a few trips to his place. Some technologies are great.

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    That's my day every day. For one of my customers, I'm in and out of servers in CA, IL, IN, MI, PA, and VA alls day. For another customer I work on machines in FL. When two of us need to look at something together, we remote control each other's sessions--the I might be working with a coworker from WI on a server in FL while I sit at my desk in MI. I've never been to any of either companies's plants, and I've been working with the one for 3 years now. The only thing that is bad is when you accidentally shut down instead of restart!

    Technology is cool--it keeps me from having to get on a plane most of the time now! A few years ago I would have spent weeks on the road M-F.

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    I've only done the Remote Assistance thing once, and I was at the receiving end as Verizon helped me set something up. Sure was handy.

    I do Remote Access all the time, though. I can work from home and access my office computer (and the rest of the network) as if I was sitting there. I also use it to access my secondary machines both at home and at the office.
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    I use Logmein as a way of controlling my office computer from a scabby old laptop in the workshop. Their Pro option gives remote printing etc as well so I can print to a worshop printer as though it were attached at home. Very neat solution. Means that I have nothing critical stored on a vulnerable machine and when the workshop laptop dies of congestive lung disease or wahtever the dust finally does to it I can just buy another secondhand el-cheapo. Current on is in its 4th year though.

    I also use it when on holiday and cna check on email and answer any questions raised using real info not guesswork. May not be the best way to spend an hour when on hols but it means I can relax for the rest of the day.

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    I have had our corporate laptop folks work on my laptop remotely.

    Believe it or not, I can dial in (actually direct connect via cable modem) to MR scanners, CT scanners and x-ray equipments remotely from my home office, view files, analyze files, download images with artifacts and make some minor software changes. Can't scan or shoot x-rays...wouldn't want to. This comes in handy when I'm on call on evenings and weekends and it's an area that's 250 miles by 250 miles. I have actually been able to diagnose problems with supercon magnets that have reached a critical stage, contacted the customer and have them resolve the issue before the supercon magnet quenched and became an 18,000 pound lump of steel.

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