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Thread: What has been going on

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    What has been going on

    In the event you were wondering what I have been up to. Well it hasn't been directly working with wood, but indirectly creating a wood working machine. We call it the "Termite" because upon completion it should eat wood easily! Here is where the build can be followed and seen in its entire sequence. This is happening in my school shop with about 10 students working on it at times.

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    Hey Jon, neat project. It kind of reminds me of a project my Dad told me about back in his High School Shop days.

    Around here, home-made wood haulers are called Jitterbugs, so the class asked the principal if they could build a Jitterbug to pull out wood in the Agriculture class. He said okay, so the guys built a souped-up drag racer instead. Well boys will be boys. At the end of school year that year they had to show off their projects, so while the Home Economics Class showed off their Afagan's, these guys proudly pulled out their V-8 "Jitterbug" and proceeded to lay rubber from one side of the school to the other.

    The only thing the Principal said was "Wow, quite the Jitterbug boys." (It was a different era back then)
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    Very cool, Jonathan. They're going to remember that project from now on. Plus, you'll get to reap the benefits, too. I'll have to remember to drop into that thread and check the progress from time to time.
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