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Thread: cordless weed eater

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    cordless weed eater

    Anybody have a cordless weed eater, what brand? All I can find is Black and Decker, are they OK? My yard is small and it could done in 10 minutes and I really don't want to mess with a gas powered one either.

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    My dad has one by Black and Decker--Grass Hog I think they call it. It does a nice job and the battery seems to be ok too. It's 18 volts and he says doesn't need to be recharged after each use--about 25 minutes of actual cutting. It did come with 2 batteries. I have used it several times. I actually like it better than my gas powered trimmer. I keep hoping mine will self-destruct.


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    I've got two, Travis, one large and one small, they're called Yo-Yo's, (Power is "One Arm"), had them since I can remember. Run time..........well that depends on what kind of shape the Arm is in.

    Note: They don't get NEARLY as much use since I got my Stihl Gas powered one though.

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    Some folks over on SMC were singing the praises of the Ryobi One+ Lion 18v tool. I find it hard to believe as I have never used a good corded electric trimmer let alone cordless. But, live and learn. Maybe I just never used a 'good' one. Three different people liked the Ryobi.
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    We're thinking about getting one of those Ryobi 18V ONE+ trimmers. I have a bunch of other Ryobi 18V tools, so it makes sense to match the batteries.

    In fact, if I had known Ryobi had finally put the trimmers out in the US market I'd've picked one up when I sacrificed and bought the Li ion set recently.

    Anyhow, if you do get one of these, let us know how it works. I'll do the same if we end up getting one.

    By the way, won't they let you borrow one of those satellite driven jobs once a month for your lawn?

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    By the way, won't they let you borrow one of those satellite driven jobs once a month for your lawn? [/QUOTE]

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