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Thread: Quick project

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    Quick project

    For all you who got some desert ironwood, here's a fun little project, and a great gift if you know a lawyer or judge. It only took a couple hours to make. I googled gavel and found plenty of pictures for examples, then designed my own with my favorite styles. The weighty feel in hand adds to its character, and makes the judge feel more potent This one is for a retiring Air Force Colonel who is a JAG. The barrel is about 2" dia. and 10" length overall. Cheers, Barry
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    Very cool Barry - nicely done.
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    That's beautiful. Both stylish and sturdy. I see a lot of gavels that look like they would break with a solid whack. I made one for my Shrine club and made it plenty sturdy because those guys really like to pound to get attention.

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    Nice job, Barry!
    That is a gorgeous piece of wood.
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    Nice work!

    I do have some of your ironwood. Now if I could only find a lawyer or a judge who I know.....

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    Barry, a very nice gavel, and so useful. Recently I made one for the chairman of our fishingclub.


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    Very nice, indeed! I've never turned iron wood: how well does it turn? I imagine something like cocobolo?

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    What about the base or anvil? ( the piece that gets the wacks) is it the same wood?
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    That's a beauty. Well done.
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    Thanks guys,
    -Toni, Yes the base is also ironwood, just from a different chunk I had at hand. The color of this wood varies alot and can be a challenge to match.

    -Gari, I've never turned Cocobolo but I hear it's similar. Ironwood turns beautifully and takes very fine detail. The challenge is working around the voids and cracks and small dimensions that are common with this wood.

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