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Thread: My Ride to Work Today

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    My Ride to Work Today

    Here's what I took to work today...

    Nicely appointed (she was a hired booth bunny)...

    With food waiting for us...

    Comfy seating for everyone (that's the flight attendant standing in the back)...

    A bit faster than my SUV - Burbank to Las Vegas in about 45 minutes...

    With no terrorist-proof door on the cockpit...

    And proof I was there, in a rare ponytail shot...

    Left home at about 7:00 AM, worked a full day in Vegas, and was back home by about 7:00 PM.

    This was hands-down the nicest plane I've flown on. The seating is very flexible. There is very comfy seating for 12 or 13 people, and I think there are about 6 beds (in two separate cabins) that can be made out of the seats and tables. Other goodies included two lavatories, 4 or 5 flat screen monitors showing your trip info and maps for the area you are over, DirecTV satellite television, DVD player, multiple channels of music, and access to the luggage compartment from the passenger area. And it was cool being able to stand behind the pilots in the cockpit and get a guided tour of the instrument panel while we were underway.

    I've got one more trip out and back. I go back to Vegas tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, but I'll stay until Thursday after the trade show before coming home.
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    Vaughn, if there is a possibility for me for such a ride, I would love it, very good looking lady's, boy you are really lucky. Enjoy it Vaughn.

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    So, all in all it was cheaper to shuttle you guys to the confab each day, compared to putting you all up in hotels and paying for dinners etc., right?

    Sure would be the way to go to work every day eh
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    I bet you fixed your hair up just for the bunny, right?

    Nice ride for sure

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    well ride vaughn
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    Well, your picture says you were there, but I don't see any curlies on the floor ..... so.....I don't know.......Wait, that carpet looks familiar!

    Nice ride! Nicer bunny
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    Wow, you got food on a 45 minute flight? and people say the airline industries are going downhill.

    Oh, wait...

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    Nice ride Vaughn and service with a smile, I am envious.

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    No that carpet doesn't look familiar yet! But two weeks from now if he shows shots of his shop and the carpet matches these pictures, welllllllllll Nice ride Vaughn as well as traveling companions.

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    Well, since no one else has stated it....

    YOU SUCK!!!

    Very nice though Vaughn

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