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Thread: First of axis turning!

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    Cool First of axis turning!

    Hope this looks ok to you guys!! This is my first attempt at off axis turning. Ok well except for the one I broke. Guess it is my second try at it. It is out of spalted maple and is 5"x3". I didn't want to waste much wood. Let me know of any pointers, and yes I screwed this one up but do see it myself. It was a learning process. Thanks Zack
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    Hey Zack, not bad for the first attempt. Did you use an off-center chuck? If so, which one?

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    That is great for a first. Well done.
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    Zack, not bad at all for the first attempt.
    Infact it's a learning process, like every new kind of turnings.
    Anyway you are brave enough to pick up a new challenge, that's the right attitude!!

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    Hopefully I will get better. I used a four jaw chuck to do this. I would love to see some pictures ore more off axis turnings.

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    Zack, take a look at this thread.........

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    Looking Good Zack, my first attempt was a disaster!

    Tony, BCE '75

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    I want to try this some time. Nice!


    P.S. By the way, I think that's a piece of ambrosia maple. Highly desirable.

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    Hi Zack, you mentioned about seeing other examples of off centre turning. A small goblet of mine I did it as a impromptu demo at the club I go to. I used a scroll chuck the same as you. Keep practising, it's not hard to do, believe me if I can do it anybody can.
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    Thanks every one you gave me some ideas and will post when I get one that works like I want it to, and don't go flying over my head!

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