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Thread: 8: grinder fenders

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    8: grinder fenders

    I have a wonderful very old Craftsman grinder, given to me by a friend who's Dad got it 50 years ago or more. Great motor with bearings that run on for 3 minutes or more after shutting the motor off. So it is a keeper.

    However, I put 8" wheels on it and need the fenders or wheel covers.

    So does anyone have a dead 8" grinder and would be willing to let me have the wheel fenders? Any brand ought to do. I am fairly handy making things work. This would save me from fabricating something from scratch.

    Thanks. Ideas welcome. BTW, I have already rejected going back to 6" wheels, so please don't go there.

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    Sorry no fenders to offer you, but maybe you could get hold of woodcraft and see if they sell parts for their 8" grinder, maybe you could just buy the 8" fenders that come on their grinder?

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    I am with John on this. I don't know what happened to the fenders on my grinder but never really needed 'em either. I wear safety glasses though.

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    That's what I have been doing, John, but I have students in the shop occasionally. Not an acceptable risk for them.

    I did get an offer on another forum. They should be here next week some time. We'll see if we can make them work.

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