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Thread: Math Skills

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    Math Skills

    OK, this is really fun to watch, this guy has some serious skills..........

    >> Mathamagics <<

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    I do that all the time!

    Very impressive!

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    Add that to Cookie Fishin'.
    Jason Beam
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    Fascinating. I bet that's a guy who makes a nice living at computer industry events judging from his crowd.

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    Amazing stuff. I wonder if he has other areas where he's deficient...sort of a yin and yang thing.
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    Man, that's almost painful to watch... sheeeeeeesh... what an amazing memory. And I regularly forget what I was heading to get 5 seconds prior. I also wonder about the rest of the guy... I'd like to meet him. Could he use a hand chisel I wonder?

    Very interesting.
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    Definitely amazing. The human brain is an incredible thing. We know little of its capabilities.

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    The guy is amazing. Did you notice his handlers with the jacket with the extra longs sleeves that tie neatly behind the back.....they were standing in the background..

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    Greatest Software in the World

    Our Brain has the best operating system in the world. Bill G would love to have an idea how it works.

    How about the times someone asks you something that you just cannot recall yet 5 minutes - 24 hours later the answer pops into your mind. What process is churning away in there to make that possible.

    I used to work with a guy - I would tell him sorry I am going to do this to you and that I am Not going to pay him overtime for it. I would then ask him a question. He would say "I do not know that." I would say "You will in the morning." 99% of the time he would have the answer the next day and say that it just came to him at 3:00AM or something like that.

    Yes the mind is an amazing device - but then just about every other part of our bodies are also.

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    Yes, he's amazing. A lot of those people at TED are "the smartest guys in the room", whereever they go. It's pretty humbling for the rest of us. But Hans Rosling is doing way more than parlor stuff... he's changing people's world views. I was shocked, stunned, by what he's able to do with data:

    Jaw dropping is an understatement...



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