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Thread: on-topic question for Larry's Randi - sewing table

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    on-topic question for Larry's Randi - sewing table

    Randi (and anyone else):

    What would you want to see in a custom made sewing table? I'm thinking about using up some of my maple if it's dry enough or maybe some cherry shorts and making one.

    It will be for my Pfaff. Mostly for pretending to do garment work now and then. One of these days I am going to conquer the crotch curve and make some pants with custom pockets.

    I'm planning to put a hole in the middle of the table to allow the machine to lie flush with the table or to be on top of the table for free arm usage.

    If I can get over my fear of drawers with shop projects I'll throw in some storage space.

    What else should I be thinking about?


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    Sewing table

    Well, It was hard for Larry to understand the hieght of my counter top in my sewing room, I believe it is only 27 1/2" off the floor plus 3 1/2" of machine thickness above the counter. My machine sets on top of it.(couldn't get hime to cut the hole. (scarry for him in case I was to get a different machine)
    They have come out with alot of different ideas for sewing cabinets, one with the top the machine will lower itself to the right hieght and then lower all the way down. It is the "Koala cabnets" Kinda pricy, but you can buy the air lift from ? one of the shopping catalog larry has in stock here at home. When I get time I will look it up for you. He built 3 drawers to my right side for threads and such. I'll have him send a pic. when my sewing gets cleaned.
    hey, I gotta go pack for my trip.
    I do think its neat that you would make your own cloths, I used to. but am into quilting to heavy right now. will talk later. randi
    p.s. check out these web sites, they sell this cabnet.
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    I think that I will just have a manual pick up the machine by hand to move it from free arm to flush operational modes. Yowsers, but the stuff there is costly! For free arm use, I might just have a rotating slat that will support the piece that was cut out to make the hole for the machine. The machine could then sit in the same spot.

    I'm even more a beginner with the textile power tools than the WWing machines, but here is a link to a pajama top and bottom I made for my wife. I did some appliqué (I think this is the right word) and a fancy machine stitching to act as trim.

    Relative to how you sit at the table, how did you work the height out? Is it like X" above your lap when seated or something like that? How big would you recommend for a table top area and where should the machine be located in that area?

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