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Thread: 'the WWing shows' - Pomona, A Visitor's Review

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    'the WWing shows' - Pomona, A Visitor's Review

    Last year I went Saturday by myself and wandered about the wonders of Minimax, Agazzani, Laguna, etc. I went back Sunday (last year) with my dad and we had a great time (he scored a killer deal on a planer). This year, being the seasoned old salts that we are, we just went today, Sunday.

    All the usual suspects were there. You can see the list here:

    There were a few conspicuous absentees: Minimax and Rockler to name a couple. The highlight of our visit was Lie Nielsen and Lee Valley; dad was on a mission for a couple hand planes. I got an extra big kick out of the fact that LV was offering no shipping and no tax.

    Fortunately I brought my list and a fine upstanding Canuck at LV named Wally helped me obliterate it. You know, BP bits, countersinks, odd files and all that stuff you keep forgetting to add to your big orders and then are too cheap to pay shipping on alone? Got all that taken care of.

    Two big hot dogs and a few cups of coffee fueled me through the rest of my non-LV list (been waiting to get those last two 24" Besseys) of items and my dad got most of his list hammered out as well. A good time was had by all and we made it back to my shop in time to fool around a bit with the spoils of battle.
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    Pomona? Isn't that a fer piece away from you, and from oceanside?

    I'm glad you got to go. I missed both of the local ones this year. I kinda like them for buying little things, and its priceless when Doorlink says "that's really cool. You should really have one of those..."



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    Sounds great!

    The shows like that here in Tokyo SUCK, and they are not allowed to sell stuff at the shows, or even take orders

    You have to contact them after the shows, and place an order, so they never have "Deals", they could learn a lot from the US style of show.

    Oh yeah......................

    .........What, no pictures............

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    Sorry I was unable to meet up with you two, Glenn. Sounds like the show was much more fun than the chores I was doing around the house all day. (I'm so sore now, I know I'll be having trouble getting around for the first part of the week.) Have fun with your new bits and pieces.
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