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Thread: Router deals?

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    Router deals?

    As is typical for me, now that it looks like I'll have some cash shortly all of the router deals have evaporated. I'm looking for a fixed base unit for use with my PC4212 dovetail jig. Right now it looks like a reconditioned Hitachi 2.25 HP var speed for $60 is the best bet.

    Please let me know if you see anything that I might be overlooking.


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    2-1/4 hp for spinning a dovetail bit? do you feel like you need a workout?
    anything 7/8-1-1/2 hp will work well, just make sure your guide bushings fit without addaptors.
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    Hi Mark - I can't comment on how good the Hitachi is for that application, but I do think ~ $67 shipped for that router is a pretty hot deal. I think it might even accept the PC guide bushings. (That price pushed me over the edge, so I'll let you know in a week or so when mine arrives! )
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