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Thread: THe cost of hardware

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    THe cost of hardware

    As many of you know, the bulk of what I've done the past few years is a 'Mission/Arts&Crafts' style. I've always bought my hardware from Woodcraft... primarily because I like to see an item like that before I buy it, but also because I like to support the store. Others that try to suport their local WC know that can be a costly choice. Since WC has decided to discontinue the bulk of their Mission hardware, I've discovered how costly that choice has been.

    I've never even shopped around before now... but here's a linky to an online hardware heaven, and specifically, what I think is the exact line that WC carried. The sale price is fully HALF of the WC price... regular price is still much, MUCH less. And this is not the cheapest Mission stuff they have (see page one of the search results and the Liberty line).

    An eye opener for me. I still bought my hinges at Woodcraft this morning, but I'm ordering the drawer/door pulls from these folks.

    Hope this helps somebody else out.


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    Check out also VanDyke's.
    Don't know how they compare in price but selection is huge.
    I have another catalog also, will look for an post that info later.

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    Found two more that might be helpful:
    Lee Valley
    Woodworkers Hardware
    At one time I needed some older style hinges and hardware, a friend directed me to a custom cabinet shop in the area. They saved all the hardware from jobs they redid. I bought what I needed, discontinued styles, very cheap, like a quarter each.
    You might check around for a similar situation in your area.

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    I looked at VanDykes, but I don't remember if they had the specific one I wanted or not. Despite the higher price, I still woulda rather bought them from Woodcraft.


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