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Thread: First Bowl - Done!

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    First Bowl - Done!

    Here is my first bowl. It started as a figured maple blank.

    I rough cut the blank on the new bandsaw. It handled the blank with no problem at all, using a 3/8in blade. Not having a chuck yet, I cut a plywood face plate which I glued to the blank with CA glue. I then screwed the lathe's metal face plate to the plywood.

    You can see various stages in the pictures. I still have to do a little more refining and sanding, that is why it is still on the plywood face plate.

    When I part it off the plywood and apply a finish, I will put those pictures up.

    Update! I finished the bowl. It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped, but it was just my first attempt. I gave it several coats of mineral oil, so it could be used for nuts or jelly beans or something. Depending on how the light hits it, the grain pattern has a 3D look to it in some parts.

    This morning I gave it to my wife as part of her Mother's Day gift.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bowl01.jpg   Bowl02.jpg   Bowl03.jpg   Bowl04.jpg   Bowl05.jpg  

    Bowl06.jpg   Bowl07.jpg   Bowl08.jpg   Bowl09.jpg   Bowl10.jpg  

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    Sean......You are doing extremely well for your first bowl! Keep at it!

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    Ditto what Ken said. It's shaping up nicely, and that maple should finish out very nicely.
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    Sean, much better than most 1st. Maple is a great wood to learn on. Make sure to post a pic when finished.
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    Very nice bowl. Look forward to seeing it finished.
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    Sean, very nice first try, what I like is the rounded edge.
    What are you going to do to finish the bottom? Making a attachment for this?
    Like it to see it when completely finished.

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    Real nice, Sean! Thanks for sharing!
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