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Thread: Robust Tool Storage

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    Robust Tool Storage

    This is my adaptation of a lathe tool rack that a member of our local turning club made. His inspiration was a tool rack that appeared in the "tips" section of American Woodturner. It is a variation of a design that has long been used to hold fishing rods. The angled bottom board gently wedges the tool into position. George
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    That's a great idea, George. I have a rolling cabinet next to my lathe that could possibly be fitted in a similar manner. (Although I do have all my turning tools in drawers right behind me when I'm turning.)

    Nice little lathe you've got there, too. It looks like it'll handle pens and bottle stoppers quite nicely.
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    George that is a great idea. Looks like it will be easy to access.
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    Best idea I've seen yet, the wedge holds the tools in place, but does not collect curlies

    You should paint that rack to match you lathe
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