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Thread: Any Kiwi's out there?.............

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    Any Kiwi's out there?.............

    Our youngest son and wife are sending Sharon and I to New Zealand for 2 weeks to celebrate our 40th anniversary. We were married Christmas Eve so it's going to be Christmas 2008 in New Zealand.

    We plan on being there about 2 weeks. I thought we'd spend at least one day in Auckland. I have a friend and co-worker who lives in Christchurch so we plan on spending 2 or 3 day there.

    I'd appreciate some ideas from some native New Zealanders or from anyone who's toured there of places to see and things to see.

    I doubt seriously if the LOML will allow me time to do anything woodworking related but I'd appreciate any ideas from that standpoint too. She will get her money's worth ( or in this case, the kid's money's worth) ....I hope they don't have midnight sun there!

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    Not a Kiwi but very lucky to have spent 4 weeks there at the beginning of last year. Where to begin!

    We spent most of our time in the South Island so this info is biased to that location. Nothing against North Island, we just decided on this visit to concentrate on the south.

    Christchurch is a beautiful city. At least as English as any city with a UK postcode but with the advantage that most of the people aren't English. The very central part of the city is serviced by an historic tram network - hop on hop off as often as you like. It is very convenient and a bit more fun than a bus. New Regent street is a great spot for a morning coffee and the tram trundles right up the street.

    Your hiring a car right? If not, do. The roads are excellent and uncrowded and the car will get you places that are not easy on public transport.

    From Christchurch the town of Akaroa is about 2-3 hours drive, but man what a 2-3 hours. Some amazing scenery and the town (more like a village really) is interesting and beautiful. If you go there take in a cruise in the bay with the Black Cat cruise people. Very well done, interesting history/natural history commentary. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous go on a swim with the dolphins experience. The dolphins in this bay are Hectors dolphin, worlds smallest species apparently, we didn't have time but saw a trip of those who were and it looked fantastic. This isn't you visiting a dolphin in a tank that has no choice. These are curious inquisitive wild animals coming to check you out and make you realise how useless you are at moving around in the water. Fabulous!

    Again, from Christchurch you can drive straight west across the island using Arthur's pass. Takes you through 4 ecosystems in about 4 hours(ish) and you end up near Greymouth on the west coast. Nice little town and a chance to see a different aspect of NZ on the way. If your not driving there is a train that takes the same route. (

    Without wittering on too much. Queenstown is breathtakingly beautiful. Whale watching at Kaikoura is fabulous. Kiwi's are very proud of their nation and among the friendliest hosts I have met anywhere in the world.

    Basically, you will have a blast. If you don't come back with at least a bit of a desire to stay there forever then Lewiston Idaho is a much nicer place than Farnborough!

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    Well Ken, this is a very nice present, I know some Dutch people who live there for many years. It's a beautiful country, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
    Have a great time. Congratulations with your 40th wedding annyversary.

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    Hi Ken..

    A few ideas for you.

    The Kauri museum is an hour or so drive North of Auckland. It is well worth a visit, even if your wife isn't a woodworker - it's still fascinating.

    If you want to go further north you can go and look at some of the remaining old Kauri trees in the Waipoua forest.

    Further north again is the Ancient kauri shop, again worth a visit. Not many places you can walk up a spiral staircase carved INSIDE a single 50,000 year old log.

    By the time you have gone up to Awanui, you may as well push on to Cape Reinga

    It looks a bit like this

    This is a beach a few miles from the Cape, Tapotupotu Bay

    Allow a few days for a trip around Northland and book your accomodation first. Xmas is the main summer holidays in NZ, most businesses are closed and almost everyone is on holiday between Xmas and New Year.

    Now.. South Island. Christchurch is a very nice city, has almost an English feel to it with the old stone buildings and parks. Akaroa and Kaikoura are definatly places to visit, and day trip from ChCh. The trip over to the West Coast is also great, you can take a scenic train.

    If you want some real scenery head down to Mt Cook area.

    or Milford Sound

    Lots to see, with only 2 weeks you are going to miss a lot, but you should have a GREAT time.

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    Thanks Ian!

    The youngest son and his wife spent the past Christmas there and had a great time.

    Most of our time is going to be on the south island. I have a friend in Christchurch. The kids are planning the trip for us and I told them only one caviat. I WILL NOT BUNGY JUMP! MY WIFE WILL NOT BUNGY JUMP! So, I asked for 1 free day in Christchurch to savor a few local brews with my friend whose name is also Ken.

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