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Thread: new Barracuda 4 chuck

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    new Barracuda 4 chuck

    I received my new Barracuda 4 chuck yesterday and unpacked today. Also ordered the jumbo jaws. Both are impressive pieces of equipment and heavy. The chuck was nicely packed in a wood presentation box and both items were well protected with rust preventative. Oddly, the 'T' handle for the wrench has rust on the 'chrome'. Not fatal but just not pretty. The chuck operates very smoothly and I'm sure I will like the one-handed operation of the T wrench. My mini-chuck is a tommy bar arrangement which I find only mildly inconvenient.
    Major disappointment. I had a brain blip when ordering. My lathe has a 1 1/4"X8 TPI spindle. The catalog description clearly states the chuck accepts a 1 1/2"X8 spindle and they offer adapters. I failed to get an adapter. That is costing me a delay and about $8.00 additional shipping.
    I wanted to show it mounted with an in-progress bowl but that will have to wait.
    As you can see, it comes with four sets of jaws and a hefty screw drive that chuck mounts. This saves having to change things. Just start with the screw, remove later and use the jaws. The Jumbo jaws, of course, will be used for reversing in final steps on bottom of a bowl. The description for the Jumbos says it will hold an 8" bowl. But 8" is the measurement inside the rubber grips when closed. I'm sure it will hold much larger when opened. I'll post an update on this later.
    When the adapter arrives, I'll have about $250.00 invested in this. I recently sold two of my favorite pistols. The funds from those sales are being used to acquire much wanted tools and a little fun.
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    Congrats Frank! I know you've been looking at this for quite awhile. Look forward to seeing a pick with a bowl blank attached.
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    Awesome, Frank!
    I just know you're going to have a great time with your new toys.
    Oops, I mean tools.
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    Congrats, Frank. I know you've been waiting a long time for this one, but I'm sure you'll enjoy having it.
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    Congrats Frank. It will be worth the wait.
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