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Thread: Leigh Super Jigs?

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    Leigh Super Jigs?

    Does anyone have or have used any of the Leigh Super Jigs?

    I know their D4R gets high marks. I do realize that they were able to offer them at lower costs due to the way the jigs are made and the materials used. I'm not sure how much of a difference those things made.

    Any feedback or reviews would be appreciated.
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    I have never used the Leigh jigs but seem to recall that the 'cheaper' version do not allow you to adjust the pin size: only the tail size.

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    Here's a review:

    But for that kind of money, I think I'd lean towards an incra or other fence. It'll let you do half blind dovetails and a lot more...



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    I have the D4R but helped a friend get the new Leigh superjig

    Gari is correct that you cannot adjust the pin size, but that is something I "never" do on the D4R. You can adjust the width and spacing of the tails (something that not all jigs support, and relatively important as you get fancy); it supports both through and half blind dovetails, and supports practically any material thickness (also something far from all do). If I were starting over, I would strongly consider the new model.

    The weakness is balancing the router on the guides and dust collection (common problems), but there is a new accessory (yeah, more money) that should address that problem... I am looking forward to seeing it in use.
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