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Thread: DVD on XP machine - no audio

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    DVD on XP machine - no audio

    This might end up getting moved since it is kind of on-topic.

    I purchased one of Bill Grumbine's DVDs but my DVD player doesn't like it. My DVD player doesn't like small label DVDs in general - I think the mfr is getting kickbacks from the big label movie houses.

    Anyway, Ned graciously sacrificed his time to watch the DVD at home to make sure it wasn't an issue with the DVD. Ned reported that the DVD worked fine.

    So I tried to pop the DVD into the computer. The computer in question is a Windows XP machine. I forget whether I tried Realplayer or Mediaplayer. Anyhow, I could see Bill dancing inside my monitor, but I was not able to receive the instructional benefit of all the banjo music that is on the DVD (in other words, no audio).

    Since everyone knows that a bowl making instructional DVD is totally without value if you can't hear the banjo music, I'm looking for some help in rectifying this matter.

    I'm relatively decent with computers, but may as well be a total Luddite when it comes to A/V / multimedia things. If it would be easier, I could plug in some speakers to one of the OpenSUSE boxes.

    Any help would be appreciated - thanks!

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    I'm probably not much help, but I use PowerDVD on my XP boxes for DVD playback. It's something that has come bundled with two or three DVD drives I've bought. (And it worked fine playing one of Bill's DVDs.)

    I'd suggest trying again, making sure you're using Media Player (I won't install any Real Player products on my computers anymore), and if that doesn't work, it might be simpler to just plug the speakers into one of your SUSE boxes.
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    I have two DVD drives and only one will play audio, the one that won't only has a data cable plugged into the back, the two audio cables are plugged into the other DVD drive.

    Try a set of headphones plugged into the jack on the front of the DVD drive. That will at least tell you if the problem is with the drive itself, or whether you have another problem.

    My experience has been that computer DVD drives are pretty forgiving

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