I have this dream of opening a meadery someday (mead is a fermented honey beverage - mead is to honey as wine is to grapes). I'm going to have a chunk of cash come in soon - stimulus check, overtime and vacation pay. The stimulus check is going directly to pay off a high interest card. I was then thinking of buying some woodworking toys and a new shooting toy.

Then I got thinking that instead of a new shooting toy, maybe I should focus on shooting the toys I already have and just buy some shooting accessory toys. Then I could buy a piece of analytical instrumentation for the meadery idea (a Reflectoquant - best price from VWR). However, I probably wouldn't be able to afford the consumables to use the equipment. Since electronics typically decrease in price over time I have instead decided to put the cash the would go toward the Reflectoquant in a cash brokerage account, invest it, keep adding to it now and then and when I have enough there to be double what I estimate I would need for equipment, business setup costs and TTB / State fees for three years I'll go ahead and start the business.

I'm mostly posting this here as a form of accountability - I want to come back to this thread in a few weeks and say that the brokerage account is opened and funded. It might still be a few years before I start following this dream, but this will be a step in the right direction.