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Thread: Future flatwork

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    Future flatwork

    Ok, technically this isn't a project yet. My father-in-law was showing me pics of a tree that was given to his brother. He owns a saw mill, but had to go buy a new chain saw to even cut the tree up since it was so big. He spent about $2k on the new chain saw, was the biggest that stihl makes.

    The tree itself had fallen last year in a wind storm and had sat since. Once they got it chunked up into sections they counted the rings. They figured that this old oak was 175 years old. He's since got it sawn up into mostly 5/4 QS slabs.

    Will post more pics when I get them.
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    Now you need to get a lathe big enough to handle bowl blanks from that chainsaw.

    Have fun when it dries!

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