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Thread: Shop Enhancement

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    Smile Shop Enhancement

    The other day I was helping LOML open some boxes that UPS and dropped off. I started to open one that was rather flat. As I started to pull out the contents, I was quickly told that I wasn't supposed to see that yet, well I had seen part of it.

    So, my dear wife said I could have my Christmas present early. As you can see it is a classy addition to the shop entrance.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Very nice. Good gift.

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    Hey Ken,
    What a marvelous piece of work to hang over the shop. Those girls can find the greatest gifts, they know what we want before we want it!
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    Very cool Ken. I want one!!
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    Now that is a nice enhancement, your wife is very thoughtful

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    Very nice!! Tell your wife we all said she dun gooooodddd!!!! Jim.
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    Your wife has good taste! Nice post Ken.

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    Now that's the perfect gift .

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    Thumbs up

    .... That's neat and very appropriate .

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    Nice addition to the shop, Ken. By putting "Family" in the name, does that mean others in the house also play in the shop? Either way, it's a great gift.
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