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    Hello all. Since I last posted on my grandmother's cancer she has stopped taking chemotherapy and is due to see her doctor at Vanderbilt this Friday. We are hopeful for a good report, but not getting our hopes too high. All your thoughts and prayers have been greatly appreciated. I hope to have good news to post on Friday night. Until then keep thinking good thoughts.


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    Prayers and thoughts are constantly on the way. I know the feeling, my mother went through this a couple of years ago. Every bit helps, hang in there. My Mom just had a checkup and all is still well. Take care...

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    Looking forward to a fantastic update, Chris!! Prayers coming, no matter what. Jim.
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    Thoughts and prayers sent your way Chris, my wife Emiko is going through the radiation treatment, not bad at all, and nothing compared to Chemo.

    Look forward to an upbeat update!
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    Chris, this is the fact of life that is the hardest to take and understand. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

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    Well everyone the visit with the specialist went better than any of us had a right to hope for. What my grandmother has is incurable and will return one day, but who knows when. Might be years. The doctor told her to go home and live her life. Once again all prayers and thoughts are appreciated.

    Now that all this is over maybe I'll finally have time to bug all you folks.

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    Such great news Chris.
    Thanks for sharing.
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    That's great news, Chris. We'll keep pulling from here.
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