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Thread: Fish Knife for my Brother-In-Law

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    Fish Knife for my Brother-In-Law

    Here's my second attempt at making a knife. OK, maybe not making it, but gluing a handle on a blade blank and shaping it to fit.

    This is a lacewood handle on a cryo treated 'Idaho Trout Fillet' blank from The 'VM' on the blade is laser engraved by Pete Simmons, using a scanned image of my handwritten initials. I just used BLO for the finish. I was a bit leery of using a membrane finish, since it'll potentially wear off and be hard to repair. With BLO, it can be refreshed as needed, but it should still stand up to use...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The typical handle on one of these knives is symmetrical, but after seeing good reactions to the sculpted handle on my dad's brisket knife, I decided to sculpt this one a bit, too. It doesn't show real well in the pics, but the two sides are different from each other. Here's a shot of the top of the handle. The edge grain of the lacewood sure looks like fish scales to me...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And here's one of the bottom. The apparent curve in the blade is camera distortion, but you can still see how the shaping is different on the two sides of the handle...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used 'mosaic' pins on this one. (Also from the same supplier.) I think they go nicely with the lacewood. This shot shows one of the pins, and also show's Pete's handiwork a bit better:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Jim's Knife 04 - 800.jpg 
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    My sis and her husband will be arriving in a couple days for a visit, and this will be a belated birthday gift to my BIL. I also have a sheath for this knife, but it's unfinished leather at this point. My BIL enjoys doing leatherwork, so I'll let him decide how he wants to stain or otherwise finish it. He's a very avid fisherman, so I suspect this knife will get a lot of use.

    Comments, questions, and critiques are all welcome.
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    That is beautiful. I have friends who fish . . . the knife will get a lot of use. The "my brother made it for me" story will be told and retold only to grow in size and detail as the mighty fishermen while away the hours between nibbles.
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    Beautiful work Vaughn! Your BIL will love it!

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    Vaughn, I'm a fisherman too,(only when the weather is nice ), and I have such a simular knive, I got it from my dad a long time ago, and it's a very practical and useful knive.
    Your brother in low will be grateful to get this beautiful knive as a late birthday present.

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    Boy that is sweet Vaughn, I can see the sculptured side, looks really cool, I bet it fits the hand just right
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    Love the handle Vaughn. It looks like it will feel nice in the hand.

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    Nice Frame


    That is a very nice frame you put around those beautiful initials!!

    This one was easy. It was messing up your Dad's knife doing the engraving that worried me.

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    Vaughn, Well Done! Beautiful wood and shape.
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    Very nice execution of a very nice idea. Of course , the last time I went out fishing, I had one much bigger than that but lost it

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    You keep making nice gifts like that and they may actually accept you into the family one of these days.
    I like the mosaic pins, more better than plain brass wire.

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