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    Travel Channel had an hour long feature about Tokyo last night. With Stu, and others, living in Japan I thought I would watch to get an idea of what life would be like there.
    My head is still swirling. I think they said 35 million people in the city. The place is a neon/tech/restaurant/rich young people/culture mix/crowded/fast paced non-stop amusement park.
    Most notable were the prices for goods. Toilets $4000.00 (I got the impression Japanese have a fixation with toilets), toy dogs $800.00, a bottle of cognac $4500.00, etc.
    Half the population, meaning all adults, have cel phones.
    The cameras seemed to focus a lot on young pretty girls and there does seem to be an abundance of those.
    If it runs again, I advise watching. Very interesting and informative.
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    Well our toliets cost $5000 each, we have two..........

    It was in the budget for the building, when we got the bank loan, I said two $1000 toilets would do, give me the extra $8000 to buy some tools

    But they would not play ball

    Yep, it sure is a different place here.

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    There is a world toilet association of which Japan is a member. The latest development in Japanese toilets I read about what is an LED in the bottom of the bowl that comes on automatically when it gets dark.

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    I think that's about all I want to know about Japanese and their toilets.
    The variety of restaurants looked like enough to make a visit exciting.
    My cousin lives not very far from Stu, sure would be nice to visit but a retirees budget will probably preclude that happening.

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