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Thread: My Shop as it was in the beginning;

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    My Shop as it was in the beginning;

    Good Afternoon Friends,
    Allow me to give you a tour of my shop as it as when I set it up. However there have been a few changes to make it more efficient. I hope you like what you see. A you enter the door is my table saw, next is my hand held tools and storage tool cabinets, ext is my compound miter saw tale and saw with storage under the table, next is my route right and the side of my router table, front view of my router table with a Jessem Mast R Lift that allows me to change bites above the table. Next are my two planers, band saw, Mortising machine, belt sander, bench top drill press and finally the floor model drill press, then last be not least is my jet lathe. As I said I have changed things around a bit as I now have an 18" WoodMaster planer,gang saw, sander, and profile cutters for making trim as well as an 1100 CFM Jet dust collector. The one hanging from the ceiling is one I built for under $200.00. I plan to enlarge my shop by 12' z 24' to help handle the new things I have planned.
    I am now Nationally recognized for my Arts and Crafts Furniture from border to border and sea shore to sea shore. I have shipped many a finished products across these United States. Thank you for your time.


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    An organized neat shop... thanks for showing us. How big is the shop? You said you plan to "enlarge my shop by 12' z 24'"... what is it now with the equipment you have?
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    My Shop as it was in the beginning;

    The first floor is 20 x 24 and the second second floor which is used for storage of many different things and it is 22 x 24 with 1' over hang on the 3/12 pitch side to 4/12 from there to the center. A gambril roof in needed for the storage I wanted.

    Here is a picture of my shop before it was painted.
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    Ralph Jones

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