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Thread: Oak Bedroom & Office

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    Oak Bedroom & Office

    Hi guys,

    Not been around much for a while - I've been busy moving my workshop and getting established in my new place.

    This was the first job I got finished after the move. It's an oak bedroom in an old country cottage.

    I also had to squeeze an office into a tiny unused area under the stairs. The photos don't do it justice but it came out really well.

    Unfortunately the client made a helluva mess with all his stuff within minutes of me finishing!

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    Very nice, Duncan. That little office space must have been a real challenge to work in. A lot of people strive to work outside the box. You were definitely forced to work within the box for that one.

    Well done, and good to see you drop back in around here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Very nice, Duncan. That little office space must have been a real challenge to work in.
    You're not kidding, Vaughn. The worst bit was lying on my back fitting the pull out keyboard tray. I must have hit a knot and my cordless drill flipped out of my hand. I watched helplessly as it dropped and landed battery first on my mouth, chipping two teeth!

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    Hi Duncan , Really sorry about your accident! Who would have ever imagined that happening? I have done the on the floor, on my back mounting the key board hardware and had drills just about break my wrists and sail out my hand so I know exactly what happened and am sorry for the unexpected.
    You did a very nice job on the closets and the home office. Tight quarters, but good work!
    Hope you like your new workshop space. In the other thread of the shop it looks and sounds just right.
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    very nice work duncan. glad to see your settled in to the new shop. i will be moving soon also, not looking forward to doing so however.

    i like the way you hinged the angled doors near the end of the wall unit. neat idea.

    the thought of the drill hitting you in the mouth made me cringe. sorry to hear it


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    That came out great Duncan. Really nice work. Thanks for posting the pics and all. I really like the bi-fold.
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    nice oak there duncan the top cabinet has some real nice curl in it,, i thought we kept all the good wood overr here quess not you got some of it in that job for sure
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