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Thread: Record bowl lathe?

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    Record bowl lathe?

    Anybody ever see a smallish(?) Record bowl lathe? I have seen one today when I was fighting the check book. It is a bench mount with a 10"(?) faceplate and was reversable. It seemed to be newer.
    Aslo he had a few buckets(2.5 gallon) full of chisels, chucks, rest, face plates, pen manderals,bushings and other things.Chisels are both spindel ones and bowl ones. I did manage to walk away without anything other then some real wants. So, Is there anyway to tell how good the quailty of the chisels are? All the handles have been replaced by homemade ones. Also, How would/should I go about giving a price on this large lot of items? The bowl lathe is not included in the lot.

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    A quick google search shows record spindles ar an odd size and MT1. This one might be different, but that would be a concern for getting accessories in the future. But if the price is right, it might be a score with all the items you listed.

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    Thanks for the link, but it was not listed there. I am going to talk to hime on tuesday and see if I can work something out with him.

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    A bad gouge is one that is of soft metal (I had a roughing gouge go to a right angle on a catch) Generallly the only probable is if you get older carbon steel tools that need sharpenijg a bit more often. Presume it's the same in the states. The rest is down to shape and size. I wouldn't buy anything too short personally and the shape you can change to suit yourself.

    I don't think that Record do a bowl lathe so I'm guessing it is fairly old. Try if it isn't there th guy who runs the site is open to emails.
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    Where I live, we see a lot of yard sales where widows are getting rid their deceased husband's 'junk'. Generally, they are more interested in getting it out of the house than making money. Just guesstimate what you are willing to pay where you won't get hurt. e.g. $5.00 each item. I once bought about a dozen turning tools just that way. In my mind I set a limit of $5.00 each. First I asked what she wanted. She replied, "How about $5.00 each?" Deal. Both happy. I later sold the ones I didn't need for $10.00 each. As for the lathe, say something like, "I'm not sure it is usable or worth much but I'm willing to take a chance for $25.00." Nebber know.

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