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Thread: clear finish on Purpleheart?

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    clear finish on Purpleheart?

    What would you recomend? Obviously, I don't want anything to mess with that gorgeous purple tone - but I want the wood protected.

    If it helps any, this will just be something decorative, hanging on a wall.

    If anybody has suggestions, I'm all ears.

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    I'd think pretty much any of the clear wipe-on finishes would work fine. I'd probably use Minwax Antique Oil finish, just because I already have some on the shelf in the shop. Wipe-on poly, or one of the tung oil blends should also work great.

    If in doubt, try the finish on a few scraps, being sure to also follow the same sanding routine as on the piece you want to finish.
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    Get something with UV inhibitors or blockers. Purpleheart will turn a very rich brown over time. I have heard that placing it in the sun will return the purple, but can't say for sure. Check with this guy and see if he has any advice on his site.

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    Using with an oil based finish will turn the shade to a cranberry color. If you want to keep the purple "grape" color, use a water based finish. There is nothing that will keep purpleheart from browning over time, but if the wood is sealed with a finish, kept from direct sunlight, it is a very slow process. It holds it's color much longer than paduak, sp?

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    We've had very good luck with purpleheart by clear-coating it with lacquer. Two or three coats. I have some purpleheart accents on some of my furniture, and it's still a nice purple. Granted, it doesn't get a lot of direct sunlight, but my living-room tables are four years old and still as purple as the day they went into the house.
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