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Thread: Some people just wont listen...

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    Some people just wont listen...

    I was at work today, a machine shop but also one where we build a lot of plastic tanks (for gray water, black water, fresh water, etc) when the guy working next to me asked for help. I was shocked at what he wanted me to do...

    He had put a 3 hp hand held router upside down in a big vise and was going to route a round over on a small plastic disc. It was only about 4 inches in diameter and a half inch thick.

    What he wanted help with was for me to hold the router steady because the straight vise jaws on the round router could not bite very good and he was afraid if he cranked the vise down to hard it would crack the housing on the router. This would have put my face quite low to it as I stopped over to hold the router steady as he ran the small plastic part across the bottom of the router base...a small area to say the least. I could just see it flying into my jaw and breaking some teeth.

    I told him I would not do that if I was him and instead head down to the carpentry shop and use their router table. He was put off by this, and so I returned to my bench and a second later I heard the part he was trying to route go zinging across the shop. His second attempt resulted in the same thing.

    As I said, some people just don't listen. Is it any wonder that out of 9 people in this shop, 7 have had workplace injuries in the past 16 months??
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    Sounds like a contender for the Darwin awards.
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    Maybe he should hold the piece in his teeth, and just get the injury over more quickly so he can start the healing process sooner. What a nimrod.

    At least you tried to steer him in the right direction.
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    I keep saying, especially at work, that common sense is not so common. Our safety record at our paper mill is one of the worst in the industry.

    We have one guy that stuck his finger in an ash unloader for our coal ash in the boiler room because he wanted to see if it was spinning! This is a rotor in a housing with tight clearances - he lost the end of his finger. He could have looked through the mesh guard to see if the coupling was spinning. The same guy earlier this year cut his leg He placed a piece of rubber on his leg and cut through the rubber. I guess he thought he was super man.

    Many people think the chances of getting hurt are small - it won't happen to them. It is like they have no respect for themselves. I don't understand them, but I guess they don't understand safety.
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    Sounds like his cranial cavity & his anal orifice are in very close proximity to each other.
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    I'd get a digital camera and surreptitiously get a picture of him next time he attempts this. The owner would love to use it during the worker's comp trial. Make sure he doesn’t see you take the photo. You don’t want to make any enemies at work.

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    I never understand when someone offers someone sound advice, common sense advice or experience talking, or both, why they choose to ignore it.

    I listen to my wife of 30 years all the time when she explains to me the benefits of marriage.(then I thank my lucky stars I have loud machinery in the garage)

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    The scary part is many fold:

    1. We let people like this reproduce...
    2. We let people like this get a driver's licence.
    3. We let people like this own guns.....

    Some people have to learn everything in life the hard way....some people never learn. The sad part is that often they will injure or kill innocent bystanders.

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    Boy, Ken, isn't that the truth!!!!!!!

    Some where, a long time ago, I read something like...5% of the people cause over 95% of the crimes. Whatever the real statistic...wouldn't it be great if the Darwin thing could take care of them.


    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Holding a small piece of wood in your hands and placing it near a spinning router bit.......Router bits are notorious for pulling the wood into the bit. If you happen to not be holding it in the "magic" position your fingers could come in contact with the bit. That's why it's highly recommended that a "safety pin" or "guide pin" is used for doing the same thing on a router table. It's to give you something to pivot off of and prevent the bit from sucking the wood and your fingers into the spinning bit.

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