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Thread: powermatic 3520b

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    powermatic 3520b

    I have the money and I am wanting to buy a powermatic 3520b. Any ideas where to find the best price on one would be a great help!!! Cheapest I can find so far is 2700, So the challenge to all that want to accept is to beat that price. Let me know if you have any questions for me or any info. Thanks Zack

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    The Tool Nut will likely have the lowest price. If not, they say they'll beat any other company's quote.

    That said, I bought mine from Osolnik Machinery. They had a good price on a package deal that included everything I was looking for. I may have paid a little (very little) more than The Tool Nut would have sold it for, but I liked the idea of dealing with and supporting a family-run operation in Kentucky more than a discount house in New York. Also, Rude Osolnik has probably done more to help woodturners during the last half of the 20th century than almost anyone else on the planet. (He designed the 3520 for Powermatic, for starters. Google "Rude Osolnik" and you'll see what I mean.)

    Wherever you buy it from, welcome to Club Mustard. You won't regret it.
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    I purchased from CSUSA, I paid something like $40 than what ToolNut would have sold it to me for. I just like dealing with CSUSA, their expertise are worth allot more to me.

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    tool nut price

    Just got a price from tool nut. They quoted $2649 with free shipping. I don't think anyone will beat that price but, as tight as I am I will keep digging untill I am sure.

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    found it

    tool nut will sell the pm 3520b and a pm dust colector all for under $3000. but that is after a $325 mail in rebate. Sounds good to me, but does anyone know of a better deal???? Let me know becouse I still squeek when I walk!

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    Zack, Tool Nut sounds like the cheapest place to buy the lathe, but how is their customer service?

    I think the PM lathes are fairly bulletproof, but what if you have a problem

    Just thinking out loud here, sometimes the cheapest price is not the best price

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    customer service

    I really have no experience with tool nut so I really don't know. As for me talking to them and getting the price right, it has been flawless. If anyone knows anything about tool nut's customer service let me know before I drop 3 grand on the new mustard.

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    Zack I'm probably come in late, but Sean is great to work with. WMH lost my PM 3520b in shipping. I had to track it down. Made one call to Sean, he called twice that day and sent 3 emails. I could not have begged for better customer service. He beat Olisink (sp) by $60 just on the lathe. PS that was the best upgrade I've made to the shop, love the VS and sliding head stock it's like having a bowl lathe. Hope I'm not to late....Bruce
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    Always like learning something new!

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    Your not to late Bruce, Evidently the us mail has lost my money from when I sold the stock to finance the lathe. It has been a week and havn't got it. I am sure it will be here soon. Sean has helped me quite a bit. Talked to him on the phone and about 10 emails. As soon as I can it will be ordered.

    Bruce I noticed you have cement bags tucked under your mustard? Do you really need that or is it for really wild pieces?

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    Zack really not needed I had it in a shed and was cleaning up. Thought it might help with vibration, was turning a 19" mesquite crotch with trunk and 3 uneven branches with a 1/2" bark inclusion running through the bowl and 2 branches. Very wild piece, turned at about 450 rpm to 500 rpm until I got it balanced (some what balanced). I was keeping an eye on the bark inclusion when it opened up I stopped the lathe, grabbed the CA glue (blonde moment) should have used epoxy. I had my first major blow up......very exciting, tree blades flying everywhere. Did'nt get hit and love making winged bowls, love my cage on the PM a little more now. Changed my shorts an started a large mesquite bowl. Yes with wild pieces you might want it, but I can't say I noticed a lot of difference, maybe an extra 100 rpm. You are going to love your new PM, I use the sliding head all the time, my tail stock doesn't know if its part of the lathe or not. I do love the fact of a 4" tail stock, my delta had a 2" stroke. Hope your money shows up soon. Enjoy your new toy when you get it, I used my tractor with forks to put it together, make sure you have an 8mm hex for the leg bolts. If you don't have a tractor a lot of guys use an engine lift. Good Luck it's a beast......Bruce
    Always like learning something new!

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