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Thread: Ash, spackle, and spray paint

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    Ash, spackle, and spray paint

    I turned this bowl from a piece of Ash crotchwood that I found when I was cleaning out my yard shed. But it was full of cracks and the inside looked pretty bad but the outside looked real bad. So I rubbed the outside with some spackle to fill the cracks and then sprayed it with some Krylon gloss black paint. It doesn't look to bad if you don't look too close. It's 11" x 4".
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    I love the form Curt. There's something about simple forms with smooth curves that just makes me smile. The grain is fabulous too.


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    Sure is a good looking piece Curt. I like the black paint.
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    I like this one a lot, Curt. I've considered using a similar approach on a few pieces (but using a different filler...I hadn't thought of spackle). As usual, this piece has the well-defined lines and crisp details that your pieces typically have.
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    Curt, you need to take some lessons in salesmanship.

    "It doesn't look too bad if you don't look too close."

    Now that is a heck of a way to describe something that looks as pretty as this bowl. You have made the best of a bad situation and now it is art.

    Good save!
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