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    tripple delta

    Well, yesterday turned into quite the old arn haul. I got a phone call from one of my bosses - he's getting ready to move and needed some old tools out of his basement. He didn't know much about them other than one was a shaper, one was a scroll saw, and one was a "really heavy" table saw.
    What would YOU do?
    You've got to help out a friend, right? I drove over to his house, where he had pulled them out to the garage. Turns out they were his grandfather's (cabinet maker). After he inherited them, they sat mostly unused in his basement for 21 years. I have been wanting a shaper for some projects around the house, and he knew that. His only stipulation was that if i wanted any of them, i had to take them all - he wanted them gone. I'm not one to collect old machines. I'll take what i can use or find good homes for, but this was too good to pass up.
    The table saw is a Delta 8" cabinet saw - a "Uni Junior" i've heard them called.
    The scroll saw is a Delta 24" model complete with the goofey looking work light. The shaper is a Delta bench top model with the fence and about 30 or 40 cutters and 3 different sized spindles. All 3 machines have all the parts and pieces (except the blade guard on the table saw), and the scroll saw and shaper are metal frame craftsman stands with custom wood cabinets built into them. All 3 machines are relatively rust free, and the original paint is still quite good - shiney even. Oh, and all the original "dirty paper" was there as well.
    They all have some minor issues - the table saw tilt and raising mechanisms are gooped up and need to be taken apart and cleaned. The table raising mechanism in particular, is not working properly, but i think it might be minor.
    The motor on the shaper shows no signs of life - we'll see about that one. The scroll saw is missing two screws that hold the bottom blade clamp to the drive mechanism.
    I'm assuming the typical issues with belts, wires, and bearings, but all in all, things look pretty good.
    I've got to get some things out of my basement. Pictures when i get them.
    Paul Hubbman

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    You didn't say anything about money. These were freebies? Either way, great haul.

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    great haul there paul,, the old stuff was made better and it sounds like you got he mother lode!!!
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    Wow, sounds great...........can't wait to see the pictures........... hint hint........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hubbman View Post
    .........The scroll saw is a Delta 24" model complete with the goofey looking work light.
    Depending on exactly what the goofy looking light is, it could be the best/most valuable piece in the haul! Well shaper cutters probably beat it out but......
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    Now that's the kind of boss to have Paul!


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    Beware!! Bosses are mean!

    They lure you with machines and after that they start asking you to work overnight or not taking your holydays, at the best they ask you to make them some endless furniture projects...

    If it is not like that, then relax and enjoy them Look forward to see the pictures
    Best regards,

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    Nice catch! Look forward to pics of the whole haul...

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Hubbman View Post
    The scroll saw is a Delta 24" model complete with the goofey looking work light.
    Kinda like this goofy light? When I posted this pic of mine, I was told the light alone goes for quite a bit on ebay sometimes...

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    The light on mine is similar to that, but has a chrome socket housing. There's not a speck of rust anywhere on the thing. I'm on a business trip for the next week and a half, but i'm looking forward to getting into that project a bit more when i get home.
    Adios from Beijing
    Paul Hubbman

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