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Thread: Dust collecting

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    Dust collecting

    Does Any one use a powermatic dust collector? Right now there is a sale on these.
    I was wondering if anyone has good or bad thought about them. Thanks for any input you have

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    No experience with that model, but it looks like it came from the same Asian factory all the others come from. The metal duct from the blower to the separator looks like a bit of an improvement, and it seems to have a decent-sized motor.
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    Thanks Vaughn, I might order it tomorrow along with the 3520b. Oh and by the way for every one I finally put a face to my profile for you to know who you are talking to.

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    The timer and the remote built in are nice, but I bet you pay for that....

    Good avatar, I'm assuming you are NOT the guy in the red shirt
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    Actually I am only going to have to pay $325 for the dust collector set up. I thought it was a pretty good deal!! And the one in the red shirt is my 7 year old son, he was 5 in the picture. But it would be nice to be that age again, and know what I know now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zack Massey View Post
    .....I might order it tomorrow along with the 3520b. ....
    So Zack, is the mustard on the way?
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    Zack did you pull the trigger yet? Sounds like a deal to me.
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    the only mustard I have is with my balogna, I sold some stocks to pay for it all, and have not recieved the check yet. I can't wait

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