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Thread: In the Family way.....

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    In the Family way.....

    A big thank you Marty for the good price on that jointer!

    A great many people have bought, sold or traded equipment here in our little family. It's a win/win situation. It gives a new meaning to "Keep it in the family." I for one am proud to belong.

    My friend (who is also a Don or DH) is quite happy with the jointer. The thing he can't quit talking about though is that awesome shop!
    Don is in the process of building his shop from scratch. He's got a good start at it.

    What has kept him from trying to set up shop for the last 20 years or so is a gazilion "might need this stuff someday" boxes, bags and crates. As it turns out, DH took his wife with him to check out the new WoodCraft in Jacksonville and she discovered "Pen Turning."

    This girl, to my knowledge, (And I have known them for 30+ years) has never touched a wood working machine (except to perhaps help Don move one) or had any interest in one. Since this discovery, she has learned to use the band saw, lathe, (We got her an on sale Jet Mini when the HF lathe pooped out) drill press and a bit of table saw. He tells me she is anxious to try the new jointer!

    I had a visit from DH's wife, daughter and grand-baby quite unexpectedly a few weeks ago. In the sence that in 30 years she had never visited me without him.
    I live at least 40 miles from them so it's an 80 mile round trip! I took them out to show them the shop and she got real quiet for a minute just looking around. Then she said.... "This is what we need." I couldn't wait to tell my friend that GOOD things were about to happen.

    So far, she has gone through leventy twelve boxes, he has made two trips to the dump and the room for a shop gets bigger as she learns more about wood working. She has found a keen interest right under her nose and my friend has found a shop mate close to home. Life is good.

    Each Pen he brings me is better than the last. He now carries a slim that she made for him. (I told him to tell her I want a Fat one.)

    I keep trying to get DH to join the family. I believe he will one day. He says he doesn't have time right now.

    I am so sorry I wasn't able to make the trip and see that shop of yours Marty, I really did want to. Traveling just isn't a pleasant experience for me these days. I feel like I have seen it though with your day by day posts as you were building. When DH started talking about your slider I was able to visualize it and talk about it with him. Love those shop tours!!!

    Thank you again


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    I saw the thread title, and was wondering just how in the world Don got pregnant.

    Congrats to your friend on his newfound shop partner. I wish I could get LOML interested in woodworking. She's supportive of my addiction, but not interested in doing it herself. And although she was not willing to throw away her eleventy-seven boxes of "stuff", she did allow me to move it all (with my boxes of similar stuff) into an offsite storage unit so I could convert the garage into a shop.
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    Don, you got me with the title of this thread. I'm sitting here thinking....NO...He didn't!

    Anyway, glad DonH is happy with his new/old jointer. I'm sure he'll get plenty of good use from it!

    I'm also glad he enjoyed spending a few hours in our shop. He seemed to be interested in some of our toys/tools. Not to mention, I always enjoy an opportunity to show things off!

    I'm sorry you weren't able to accompany DonH on the trip. Although, he did say he plans to get you up of these days

    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    wheres the proof? DON

    well we havnt heard from you latly don where ya hidin. to busy helpin the guy get tha jointer workin right i am sure it came from marty's all messed up.. and needin parts and such
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    I saw the thread title, and was wondering just how in the world Don got pregnant.
    That was my first thought as well!

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