Over the long holiday weekend I managed to get out some more "firewood". This time it was all Fir, a softwood tree that I will sell as pulp for the making of paper.

My Dad wanted some logs so I cut down a few big Fir's I had since this was just lumber for his shop. If it was for a decent building I would have given him Spruce, but I try to save my good wood as much as I can. Anyway while I was down in this one particular section of woods I noticed the fir was pretty big and everywhere. I decided cutting a load of this would give me my "firewood" for this coming winter. I put that in parenthesis because I just use the money from this wood to buy propane instead of doing the whole cutting, splitting stacking firewood thing.

Overall it went good. Super hot out with temps in the 80's, but I managed to get 12 cord out in 2 days. I got a bit more to go before I have enough for a truck load, but I can finish that up tomorrow.

I am happy, the price is high this year (100 bucks a cord for this type of wood after trucking) but most of all it was just good forestry. The trees I cut were big, and getting red-hearted (dying). A few more years and they would have all gone to waste. Anyway I know if there is no pics, then it did not happen, so here's a pic to show what went down.